The Blair Witch Project 3

The Blair Witch Project 3Blair Witch is preparing for a new "project" called "The Blair Witch Project 3". With the lowest budget , The Blair Witch Project was a top-grossing horror. A year after launching the first movie was made and "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. " The movie abolished both spectators and film critics.

Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, writers and directors of the first Blair Witch Project were not busy and the second part: "we are not responsible for that movie, because we have not worked on that below too. We even tried to convince the producers had taken the direction the film was not a fit for a Blair Witch Project. "

In the same interview, both said they would like to take responsibility for another film: "We want to go back to origins. We want to show the world what happened after the last movie. Video camera filming style will be present in this part, but The Blair Witch Project 3 will not be realized in terms of a single person".

Blair Witch 3 Movie Eduardo SanchezEduardo Sanchez about Blair Witch 3. The hysteria surrounding the horror Paranormal Activity is not surprising that writer / director of The Blair Witch Project Eduardo Sanchez wants to return to power with a sequel of the first movie. In a recent magazine interview with the Toronto Star, Sanchez and Daniel Myrick said he is working on Blair Witch 3. Actually, it's more Blair Witch 2, the sequel to Book of Shadows: Blair Witch was released in 2000 a fiasco.

The Blair Witch Project 3 will resume action at exactly the moment they finish first Blair Witch, Book of Shadows as would have existed.

The two (Sanchez and Myrick) went to the place where they filmed the first movie to be inspired and create a new action together.

"If the project gets the green light, I will restore the initial film actors - Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and Michael C. Williams, but in smaller roles and I use a technique called " mixed first person. "than to rely solely on the narration. "

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